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P90X Review | Stronger Faster Fitter

P90X Review


Tony Horton’s P90X has been getting people fit for the better part of a decade. I caught the P90X fever when this program first came out and I got in great shape with this program. I was very happy with the results.

This is not a strictly body weight workout. There is some equipment required to follow along with the P90x program.  You need a pull up bar and either weights or work out bands.  I opted for the bands and was happy with that decision. They are less expensive than a whole weight set, lighter and offer a lot of resistance.  But I can see the advantage of a full weight set too, so really its up to you.  Also required is a pull-up bar. I picked one up for $8 ans its worked out great.  The P90X program also calls for a heart rate monitor. I, admittedly, never picked one up and still had good results.

P90X prides itself on its multi phase program. I was regularly double checking the program to make sure I was doing the right workout. It is an easy schedule to follow so long as you don’t try and commit it to memory. Every 4 week phase consists of a number of DVD’s and a week long recovery week. The next phase has a few added workouts and the sequence is changed up too, so there is always something new to challenge you.

The nutrition plan is a little complex if you are changing your diet for the first time, but is easy to get the hang of after some practice.   However, if clean eating is familiar to you, then this nutrition plan falls in a similar vein. High protein, whole grains, low fats. Easy recipe plan and an option to purchase their recovery shake and supplements.

The schedule itself is easy to follow, however, P90X is a commitment. Daily workouts for 90 days. I was able to make time and so were a lot of other people who have enjoyed this program. These are hard pushing, get-your-sweat-on workouts that last about an hour.  I appreciated this because I usually workout for about an hour anyway, and this simply eliminated my drive time to the gym

These workouts are absolutely attention holding and engaging! Tony Horton is sweating right along with you, telling jokes helping to keep motivation high and the workouts intense. With 12 different workouts, the variety keeps you following right along. There are a few videos, like the yoga video, that is used regularly for the full 90 days. During the last 2 weeks I would turn my tv to mute and listen to music while watching the video because I was so familiar with the routine.

Overall this is a great effective way to get in shape and P90X does exactly what it says it will do, get you a fit body!

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