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You Are Your Own Gym Review | Stronger Faster Fitter

You Are Your Own Gym Review

Bodyweight Bible Review

Mark Lauren has been at the front lines of preparing nearly one thousand soldiers, getting them lean and strong in record time. From an elite Special Operations physical trainer, an ingeniously simple, rapid-results, do-anywhere program for getting into amazing shape. Mark is a trainer, but not a “celebrity trainer.” Which in our opinion makes him more effective. Here You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises brings the same training used to get Special Operation soldier hopefuls into top shape.

This is the bible of body weight workouts with over 111 exercises using just your body. Body weight movements being the bulk of this book, you’ll never be short of movements to choose from. Most programs involve some body weight exercises, but this is truly 100% body weight. The exercises are categorized into Push, Pull Legs, and Core. On top of those are multi muscle movements involving compound bodyweight moves.


Praise From The US Military

 “This is a terrific book with a promise of carrying around a full gym in each of our heads! It fits perfectly in our mobile age of road warriors. It also provides a powerful fitness regime that fits into the support limits of our military forces on deployment anywhere in the world. Both members of my family and I are adopting the regime.”

– General James Abrahamson USAF

 Be Your Own Gym contains a 10 week cycle where you will be working out 4-5 times a week for about 30 minutes. The cycles are periodization based so your muscles will not become used to the motion stopping any further progress. The 10  week program is broken down into “blocks” beginning with the Muscular Endurance Block progressing to the Strength Training Block then Power Block and finally the Undulating Block. The beauty of this bodyweight system is the shear number of bodyweight exercises included. So when you have perfected the moves or are ready to move on to a custom routine there are hundreds to choose from.

You wont find any fad diets or loose weight quickly recipes in Be Your Own Gym. This bodyweight workout bible instead professes eating quality food and only adjusting your caloric intake to manage building muscle or loosing fat. Don’t be surprised if the nutrition system here runs contrary to what most other programs include. Remember though that here in this bodyweight system is a proven track record of getting soldiers fit quickly.

You will need to bring some motivation and dedication to this program. There are no videos to keep pace with. Which makes this bodyweight program true to it’s military roots. Overall we highly recommend Be Your Own Gym. It’s an excellent do anywhere system with a solid history of proven effectiveness with little gimmick and all guts.

[learn_more caption=”Meet The Author”]

Mark Lauren

Mark Lauren is a certified Military Physical Training Specialist, Special Operations Combat Controller, triathlete, and competitive Thai boxer. He has effectively prepared over 700 trainees for the extreme demands of the most elite levels of the Special Operations community.
Mark started his career by being one of twelve to graduate the Pararescue & Combat Control Indoctrination Course, in a class that 94 trainees started.
As an experienced operator, during mission planning and execution of airfield seizures, combat search & rescue, close air support, and reconnaissance & surveillance missions, he trained troops capable of immediate deployment into areas of forward combat operation by military freefall, static-line, all-terrain vehicles, overland, scuba, and other amphibious means.

As their physical training instructor, he enabled highly productive training to take place despite space, time, and equipment restrictions, and completely restructured training programs, resulting in a 40% reduction of student injuries and failures. He was hand-picked by the Advanced Skills Training Commander to ensure commissioned Special Tactics candidates remained physically able to “lead from the front” throughout the trying two years of training. Mark personally tailored physical training programs and diets to suit the individual needs of candidates and monitored their progress, as well as totally revamping the courses’ physical training programs.

Leading by example has always been Mark’s credo, and for this and his physical prowess he was often chosen to lead officers through all physical training events during the extremely rigorous Special Tactics Officer Selection Course, which he did at a punishing pace.
Lauren’s active duty and civilian employment has taken him all around the world to teach, including Iraq and Afghanistan. As a civilian, Mark Lauren spends much of his free time Thai boxing with Khanomtom Muay Thai in Tampa, FL and various Muay Thai gyms throughout Thailand. After training a total of 7 months in Thailand, over a period of three years, Lauren has managed to capture the FL IKF Middle Weight Championship and a professional belt in Phuket, Thailand.
Lauren broke, and still holds, the Pararescue/ Combat Control Indoctrination Course’s long standing “underwater record” by swimming 133 meters, on one breath, subsurface, for 2 minutes and 23 seconds, until losing consciousness.


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